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Ergonomic handle-This breast pump is ergonomically designed, easy to operate, and helps reduce hand and wrist fatigue during breastfeeding. This lightweight portable travel breast pump is easy to carry in your bag when traveling. Although the effects of manual breast pumps and bulky electric breast pumps are somewhat different, manual breast pumps do not consume electricity and are more environmentally friendly and lighter.

Convenient and hygienic-This silicone breast pump is made of high-quality food-grade silicone material and does not contain BPA, ensuring that your milk remains natural and safe, suitable for baby feeding. This manual breast pump is silicone resistant to high temperature, making it more secure to use.

Comfortable and quiet-this breast milk collector manually controlled vacuum allows you to adjust the suction for optimal comfort and efficient breast milk outflow. Once the milk starts to flow, you can switch to the longer side of the handle, which creates a slower suction cycle to express most milk.

Three-speed adjustment lever-This manual breast pump breaks the shortcomings of traditional manual breast pumps that cannot be adjusted. Manual breast pumps provide mothers with a better breast pumping effect and take a shorter time when pumping in a comfortable vacuum. More breast milk.


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Item Weight:

800 g

Product Dimensions:

7 x 6.5 x 9 cm

Package Includes:

1 x Ceramic Vase


You can put the Ceramic vase in the bedroom, living room, office.


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